The Ocean Wants To Play

The ocean wants to play.

We’ve ignored each other for hours, now the ocean wants to play.
The waves are teasing me, tossing its foam at my feet.
Here I am, come play with me.
It calls loudly, gets distracted, and then comes back to me.
Come in.

It offers up some shiny shells. Want to play?
Tosses up some jellyfish.
I move my chair back.
I’m going to take your sandals. Is that your phone?

It throws wave temper tantrums.
Look at me! I’m strong. See me make a muscle.
Whee! as it chases after seagulls.
Ready or not, here I come it says to me.
It tries to distract me. Look, is that a dolphin?

Wait! Where are you going?
Please come in and play with me.

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